Aries New Moon

DSCF7480The approaching Aries New Moon occurs on Thursday 7th of April, at 6.25pm (AWST). Aries, like the sheep that symbolises it, is sometimes under-appreciated, sold short or dumbed down. Truly, it is the pure raw vitality of the Ram that catalyses our human experience. We are propelled into consciousness by Aries’ primal urge to be. We have become a self, suddenly aware that we are alive. Bravely stepping up, into the breach…

Courageous. Pioneering. Adventurous. Independent. Creative.

Aries is the sign of the subjective me ~ the Self. As we grow from infancy, through childhood and puberty, and into hopefully evolving adults we create an identity. We learn about ourselves along the way, collating experiences and knowledge to better understand and define who we are. This experience, like all human experiences as represented by the 12 signs of the zodiac, has inherent limits. Beyond the Self there is much to explore, but without the Self there is no-one who would bother to explore it.

The archetypal warrior lives within each of us, and when we feel compelled to fight for something that resonates deep within our psyche, or to defend ourselves or another against wrongdoing, it is upon our innate Aries power that we must draw. To take right action, we must be clear and courageous. Courage is not the absence of fear, but showing up despite the fear. If we run~hide, we miss an opportunity to cultivate courage.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” Anaïs Nin

This New Moon occurs in conjunction with Uranus, the great awakener! Like a bolt from the blue, shock insights and sudden realisations transpire under Uranian influence. Uranus can also act as the link from our past to our future: the part of our soul that knows everything that has ever, or will ever happen! Cultural historian Richard Tarnas linked Uranus to mythological Greek Titan Prometheus who, after fashioning prototype humans out of clay, bestowed us with fiery creative power, as opposed to animal instincts.

Uranus in Aries (until March 2019) wants us to channel our uniqueness in order that we may self-actualise, Maslow styles. Turn pro. We are now cosmically supported in conscious development of the me~you that we want to be! The lead up to the Aries New Moon is an opportune time to muse upon our goals for individuation over the next three years. An exploration of your natal chart can discern how this is best approached. And as the Aries New Moon occurs we set courageous intent.

The New Moon~Sun~Uranus in Aries conjunction is also in harmonious aspect to lunation ruler Mars, thus granting us the gumption we need to set the goals that demand we aim for high road Aries. Be not the sheep who follow blindly, but the Ram who blazes a trail! Do not allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes, relinquishing our will and ambition to the herd (or is it flock?) mentality that rewards us with nothing more than safety, in numbers. Be brave, clench fists

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  1. The Dark Moon in Aries now is stirring our instincts. We might experience our stifled primal urges as frustration agitation annoyance depression or even anger as the cosmic energy goes Martial
    Tap into the high-road Aries~Mars vibe du jour. The annual Aries New Moon is an auspicious call to bold action, and a rad time to set intent for audacious goals. But in the lead up to it, (that is, before 6.25pm AWST on Thursday evening) consider that it might not be advancement at all costs via assertive tactics, sheer willpower or brute force that is most helpful in life now. Perhaps what is most needed is the courage to be vulnerable.
    Knowledge is power. With personal awareness we become stronger warriors. Our most threatening enemies are within us, especially when we don’t know, or even recognise, them. This Dark Moon, if the feelings surfacing are of the so-called negative variety, allow yourself a moment to feel them. Accept whatever emerges in the stillness. Don’t label judge stuff numb deny or distract. Let it be. And see if it tells you what lies beneath.
    So many of the emotions we struggle with come from fear ~ of our own vulnerability, of being hurt ~ and we become defensive, fighting to maintain the illusion that we are in control. When we react to our feelings out of fear, or unconscious patterning that stems from fear, we make mistakes, and life is lived less wholeheartedly. But when we are brave and remain present enough to observe the source of our suffering we find the strength of our emotion begins to yield to our surrender stance. With a little time, the feeling passes, and we are victorious. We have found peace amidst the chaos of reactivity and resistance. As a result our actions have integrity and power, and harm none. We are fearless, clear, strong and working our high-road Aries~Mars like a boss. Boom
    #mars #mindfulmars #aries #moonrhythms

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