Cancer the Crab New Moon

IMG_4350 The fourth of July heralds the New Moon in Cancer for 2016. Cancer the Crab is ruled by the Moon so it is always a special time ~ the extremes of winter (or summer) are upon us and we embrace all the joys and challenges of the season.

Cancer symbolises the Mother. We have all gestated within our mother’s womb, thus the mother is a strong archetype for each of us. She symbolises comfort home nurturing safety acceptance. The concept of the mother may not be met by our experience of being mothered, nor by our experience of being a mother. There are discrepancies between the fantasy and the reality. None of us is perfect. None of us were raised perfectly. The best we can hope for is more positive than negative memories (a la Disney animated film Inside Out) that result in patterns that support and encourage rather than inhibit and stymie our growth and happiness.

No matter how we have been mothered in our lives we are grown up now. We are responsible now for our own lives and our own feelings and the ways in which we manage these. Cancer teaches us self-containment. Cancer asks that we honour our feelings, to know the wisdom that they bring.

So we don’t hide within a spiky shell behind aggressively defensive pincers, stubbornly refusing to engage with the world lest our soft innards are exposed and injured. Equally we seek not to become overwhelmed by emotion ~ narcissistic nostalgia and a sentimentality that detracts from the deep knowing of feeling

Feeling as a living dynamic experience that can be accessed

in this moment alone

Our feelings differ to our emotions. An emotional response is an activated complex ~ an old patterned reaction to what is really a unique moment in time. Emotion holds meaning and important information too, but in a way that pertains to the past. We can use our emotions to better understand complexes and unconscious unprocessed stuff from our past.

Feelings are now, providing us with a new perception of our individual and dynamic experience of life as it evolves.

As we grow and develop through infancy childhood adolescence we build an understanding of life and our place in it primarily through our experience with family. Despite best efforts and intentions of our caregivers, none come through this process unscathed. To the extent that we have perceived an experience of disapproval or inferiority (or any number of other childhood encumbrances) we unconsciously seek to appease these uneasy emotions into our adult lives.

Sometimes we unwittingly place expectations on others to meet needs that are our responsibility. We are looking to be comforted by the archetypal mother. But as we look to the outside world, to our own mothers even, we will be disappointed. We need to learn to mother ourselves ~ to self-soothe, nurture our own vulnerability, heal the source of and transform our own pain.

Cancer the Crab is soft and sensitive beneath a protective exterior ~ highly attuned to the changes occurring all around ~ the shifts in energy ~ the moods and vibrations ~ and we each have an innate ability to access this subtle feeling-based reality. Far from indulgent wallowing in self-pity, the high-road Crab detects nuances and subtleties with a quiet perceptiveness that lends itself to empathy and wisdom.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus journeying through Cancer we can all practice becoming our own Inner Mother. Lovingly accept the feelings and emotions that emerge, offering space and gentle kindness to allow the deeper wisdom to follow, and follow it will. This New Moon harmonises with the Moon’s Nodal Axis involving Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, supporting our healing from the past and pursuit of a bright future. As we open ourselves up to the changing times, we are ourselves transforming and creating, a world that so needs the unconditional love of a mother.

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