Chiron & the Moon’s South Node

Today, Chiron and the Moon’s South Node go their separate ways. As this poignant link at 21° Pisces comes to an end, we begin to process messages from our past that have emerged into consciousness this month.

The Moon’s Nodal Axis represents our evolving soul’s trajectory through this life. The South Node reflects our past, and may not be limited to our present earthly incarnation. It symbolises our karmic inheritance and describes a set of default patterns that we can easily remain stuck in, unless we cultivate awareness and an attitude that welcomes change.

When we observe the transiting movements of the Lunar Nodal Axis we see that its shifting through the zodiac (it moves in a retrograde, or apparently backwards, motion) brings our awareness to that which most serves our evolution at the time = that which we most need to integrate and learn, both individually and collectively.

Chiron is a planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Named after a mythological centaur, Chiron was the much sought-after healer who paradoxically could not heal his own wound. Where we find Chiron in our birth chart represents the gift that lies within our own woundedness. As a transiting influence Chiron prescribes us our medicine for the moment.

Chiron’s link to the Lunar South Node indicates a time of enhanced awareness of our past, and the woundings we have sustained. Events of the last couple of weeks may’ve triggered our pain response, or we may’ve had contact with people from our past, or our thoughts have drifted to times gone by… nostalgic or relieved, we remember.

I believe in the importance of recognising our wounds. We have all suffered in our lives and we have scars to prove it. Acceptance of our pain  is the first step in healing. Instead of denial, suppression and escapism we benefit from feeling our pain. Exploration of events we have perceived as traumatic is imperative and enlightening. As we consciously reflect upon the details of our experience we gain clarity. We understand what has transpired.

BUT, the vital lesson with this profoundly healing union occurring in the sign of Pisces = we must not attach to our woundedness. Where we identify with our pain, and the story of our wounding, we become victims (low-road Pisces) wallowing in self-pity, we give away our power. We must acknowledge our innate wounding without allowing it to limit us.

With love, we can make space for healing: a dynamic process that flows through us ~ transforming our consciousness and our lives as we

accept forgive release

We can learn from our past, and have our wounds inform our present selves. But where we allow ourselves to be bound to our past, we are destined to replay our histories. Defaulting to the well-worn path (karma) of our South Node. We compose the “story of me” and reinforce our neurocircuitry as we tell it again and again and again.


The truth is

we are all wounded.

And Pisces wants to teach us


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