Easter long weekend

As the steady rain rejuvenates the parched earth left behind in Summer’s wake, it is the Easter long weekend and the astro-scape is inspiring!

There is a T-square between opposing Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo, that is anchored by Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter opposing Venus encourages expansion and opening of the heart, an enhanced desire for connection. The square with Saturn can highlight any deficiencies we  are feeling around this inherent Venusian impulse to love, and form meaningful relationships.

Remarkably, of all 360 Sabian Symbols two involved in this weekends T-square include the only two Easter images! Saturn’s Sabian Symbol is an Easter sunrise service denoting a celebration of rebirth, renewal, resurrection. With Sagittarian openness we cultivate a positive attitude as we welcome people from all walks of life in the spirit of connection. We are warned against cynicism and stubbornness, and an “inability to recognise underlying significance” (Roche, 1998, p.291) of the deeper meaning of the festival ~ the reason for the season: honouring the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the more ancient Pagan celebration of fertility, new beginnings and hope.

Pisces’ higher consciousness can be linked to Christ and our urge to return to Source (the resurrection > ascension into the clouds) is distinctly Piscean. We are all human beings and we each suffer in our lives. Rather than falling into traps of judgement, blame, and projection, with Venusian support we might edge closer to Christ-like compassion and forgiveness. Venus is a little over halfway through her journey through Pisces and imploring us to connect to something larger than ourselves, whether that be a significant other, the collective, or God.

Venus in Pisces’ current Sabian Symbol is an Easter promenade, once more representing celebration. The accent for this symbol is on individual self-expression, presenting ourselves in a considered, not ostentatious, way that makes the most of our gifts. Generosity of spirit is encouraged, as we share our skills and talents for the benefit of the collective. We are cautioned against attention-seeking behaviour that could make us appear foolish, especially when Jupiter is involved…

Transiting Jupiter’s Sabian Symbol now is an erupting volcano! The explosive release of subconscious power and passion can be volatile and so requires awareness and conscious direction. We can positively express ourselves with a dramatic flair and enhance the experience of the collective. Virgo reminds us to retain a sense of humility, while Saturn’s influence returns us to basics = breath ~ presence ~ respect for others needs and space.

The energy bound to T-squares can often best be harnessed by using any harmonious aspects (60° and 120°) that play into the anchor planet. This weekend Mercury and Uranus are trining (120°) Saturn. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury: these two planets represent mind functions ~ perception, memory, thought, communication.

Quick Mercury is is our conscious mind. Slow-moving Uranus is our unconscious ~ the undiscovered unmapped psyche. High-road Mercury is questioning, curious and open-minded, while low-road Mercury already knows the answers, having formed a satisfactory view of the world long ago. High-road Uranus represents our soul’s accumulated knowledge accessed via intuitive flashes of insight and altered states of consciousness ~ like lightening! Low-road Uranus uses this acquired information in ways that are contrary, selfish and irresponsible.

Mercury’s trip through Aries (complete on the 6th of April) supports the formulation of an updated Self informed by freshly accumulated data. Uranus in Aries (until March 2019) supports our individuation, and as an expression of this evolving energy this Easter weekend, we are called to be joyfully true to our present selves, to celebrate the symbolic rebirth~resurrection.

IMG_0678During this long weekend we are cosmically supported in giving ourselves permission to be free of the shackles of the past. Emboldened by Aries courage, buoyed by Jupiter’s optimism, open of mind and heart we must take some time to simply enjoy life! In gratitude.

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