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Life is rich with meaning. In our busy modern-day lives we often forget or overlook or misunderstand… thinking that what we experience (mostly between our ears ~ mentally) is reality: all there is. But when we take a moment to recall the truth, that beneath all the surface tension and mundane challenges there exists a universe that is inherently intelligent and loving, we too discover profound depth. And a cosmos that invites our participation in its continuing growth evolution co-creation

Astrology is often misunderstood. Misrepresented by the modern-day experience of newspaper and magazine horoscope columns, where broad generalisations (though not completely invalid) detract from the deeper meaning of this ancient science~art form I have come to love. I believe that astrology is the key to our personal and collective evolution, assisting us to grow and develop in alignment with the cosmos.

The symbols and archetypes have developed over millennia, since times when our (human)kind lived in harmony with nature and her rhythms and cycles. Observers of the sky linked the movements of celestial bodies to our human experience…

as above ~ so below ~ as within ~ so without


The insights that can be gleaned from the exploration of a birth~natal chart have the potential to be life changing. In my experience, when we approach this exploration as a conversation, and with open mindedness, the art of astrology facilitates an empowering journey towards

~ individuation

~ self-actualisation

~ evolution

~ whole-hearted living

~ healing

~ transformation

To limit astrology to a mere description of personality traits is to miss out on its profundity. It can be employed as a tool that allows for real and lasting change in our lives. Where we are able to engage in a dynamic process: an investigation of our life experience while making use of the natal chart, we can make sense of the path we’ve trod thus far and delineate a way forward.

It never ceases to amaze me! Astrology offers so much support, aiding us to choose wisely our paths from here… I am so excited to see where we are headed together!