Jupiter goes direct

The first of the parade of retrograde planets to return to the natural flow of things, Jupiter turned direct today at 13° Virgo. Jupiter AKA Zeus: Jovial King of the Gods blesses us with faith confidence and optimism. Traditional astrologers call this giant planet the greater benefic as his influence was perceived to be one of good fortune ~ lucky even!

I view Jupiter not so much as a bringer of good luck but certainly as the cosmic life vest: his gaseousness expands (inflates?) all it touches, gifting us with buoyancy and resilience in the face of almost anything.

Like King Midas, whose foolish wish that all he touched would turn to gold, then died of starvation #canteatmoney Jupiter can make fools of us all. Under auspicious Jupiter vibes we can become over-confident and over-extended. I can link many an ignominious gaffe to transiting Jupiter, my own included. Cue blushing. BUT it is the sort of boldness bestowed by Jupiter that daring ideas require in order to launch. We can plant seeds now that could later prove to yield bountiful harvest. We may look back and cringe at our audacity, but be simultaneously grateful for it too. Jupiter can be the great initiator.

Jupiter now moves through Virgo until 10th of September, when it will enter Libra. The coming four months call us to make good use of this gift. Virgo symbolises discernment discrimination and details. Perhaps, it is this meticulous conscientiousness that sees Virgo so often minimised to finicky and pedantic. According to Liz Greene, Virgo originally simply meant unmarried woman (1991, p.59): she is not a kept woman, nor a wife: she is at nobody’s beck and call. The epitome of fertility goddess, but self-contained, not needy and demanding. Virgo is the Earth Mother ~ nurturer and healer to us all.


Under this blessed influence we all stand to gain…

blending faith and humility

a bold vision with work ethic

lofty ideals with service


And when Jupiter and the Lunar North Node fuse energies near the end of June we align with our evolutionary purpose. Perhaps between now and then, as we use the reflective retrograde season to our benefit, we will gain clarity in our orientation.


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  1. Love the way you weave the cocepts and your words. All bodes well for me as I continue to move forward with ever increasing buoyancy.

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