Taurus New Moon

Saturday the 7th of May 3.31am (AWST) brings us the annual Taurus New Moon. Balance is key to life, and so to astrology. The sign opposite Taurus is complex and emotional Scorpio. The Scorpio Full Moon of two weeks ago (when we lost Prince), along with the stationing retrograde of Pluto, bestowed real depth on the cosmic vibe. We were reminded of our inherent connectedness to others, and of the limits imposed on our human condition.

Now the energies balance somewhat as Mercury, Venus, Vesta and the Sun convene in Taurus, and the New Moon draws our attention here. Taurus: the sign of self-sufficiency. Simplicity. Peace. Sensuousness. A reliability that is comforting. No need to push for change, or move quickly. Relax. Breathe. Be here now. Like Ferdinand the Bull, taking time to sit quietly and smell the flowers.

Fountain in Nice, France
Fountain in Nice, France

Low-road Taurus can be stubborn and unyielding, but the Bull’s ponderousness is not always a weakness. Mindfulness, care and consideration require us to slow down. Stillness should not be mistaken for laziness: in silence~solitude~stillness we find peace and fulfilment that cannot be accessed any other way.

As an Earth sign, Taurus is practical and linked not only to money and material possessions, but also to skills as resources. All of these contribute to our sense of security and survival as well as our self-worth and confidence. The acquisition of skills requires effort, patience and practice = Taurus in action.

Finally, tapping into Taurus means we learn to heed the wisdom of our bodies. The body is a physical link to the divine and its ailments and impediments contain messages direct from the Source. A little loving attention can reveal the message within our somatic concerns, whatever they may be. There is always something we can gain from an apparently negative health situation.

My own story: about a decade ago I sought professional opinion for my chronic goitre. I immersed myself in the biomedical model’s diagnostic process and after many tests, doctors appointments and sleepless nights I was informed that my thyroid nodules may be cancerous and advised to have my thyroid gland removed. The throat (including the thyroid gland) is ruled by Taurus and my wise father is a Taurean. He encouraged me to investigate my enlarged thyroid from a more mystical and anthroposophical perspective. Rather than allowing fear to get the better of me (a brush with my own mortality) and consenting to the surgical removal of a gland that is yet to be fully understood, I followed my dad’s advice.

To cut the long story of an arduous, sometimes frightening, process short, I no longer have a goitre. But I still have my thyroid gland and I have found my voice. The sadness and self-loathing that once plagued me now exist only in my memory. These emotions that surfaced as part of exploring the deeper meaning of this “lump in my throat” pointed me towards conscious transformation of an unprocessed and unintegrated past. So even though I didn’t understand any of this at the time, attempts made to interpret my body’s messages led me on a journey of healing and metamorphosis. And this journey~process continues… I pray that it will for a long time. If it weren’t for my big fat neck, perhaps I’d’ve never awakened.

My intention in sharing this story is not to advocate that we should shun modern medicine. As a trained theatre nurse I understand and appreciate that there is a time and a place for surgery. I am not saying that making this choice was easy, or that it would be right for everyone. I share my story to make the point that our bodies have wisdom to share, and if we “hear” the messages we will benefit in ways that we cannot imagine. I believe each body possesses the capacity to heal itself, given the right circumstances. Foundational to these circumstances is openness. Resistance to the condition of the body exacerbates any and all problems, and creates further blockages.

This New Moon is Earthy ~ a Grand Earth Trine that involves the aforementioned planets in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter and the Lunar North Node in Virgo ~ so all pursuits that ground us are valuable now. Connecting with our Earth Mother in nature trumps! The energy supports intentions set that are grounded in reality and being built upon strong foundations. We can certainly dream big (thanks Jupiter~North Node!) but there needs to be effort, determination, pragmatism, discipline, integrity and responsibility at the heart of our aspirations.

Happy Taurus New Moon

Mercury Retro in Taurus

Sometimes in the evening I realise that I’ve not used my time as well as I could’ve. I’m not speaking of mere efficiency. I’m an advocate for conscious laziness. But since my time is valuable, and so is yours, I think it is worth reflecting upon how we use this most precious resource.

Living in alignment with my own values is a value in its own right. That is, it is important to me that I use my moments wisely, whether I am with
my children, writing, walking, grocery shopping, doing dishes for the umpteenth time, whatever: I want to be present and respond appropriately to each opportunity.

This is the crux of mindfulness I suppose. There is the potential for enlightenment within each mundane chore. Eckhart Tolle describes the conscious choice between acceptance enjoyment and enthusiasm. We may not feel as though we have a choice about whether we go to work or not (maybe we ultimately do but the choice is between home and homeless) but we can always choose our response to our present situation. So maybe I’m hating my reality, but that negativity is always born out of resistance of what is. If it’s truly awful and creating nothing but suffering I must choose to change it, but otherwise I can accept~enjoy~be enthusiastic about whatever I am doing = (our perception of) everything changes.

So much of our thinking is habitual. We re-act out of patterns we have inherited or learned and forget to question ourselves. Our neurocircuitry is reinforced by repetitious thoughts and deeds, and so too is our karma. Our actions stem from intent. With our thoughts we make the world.

Rigid thought patterns are limiting and damaging too. We already know, so we reject new perspectives, different opinions, data that negates our well-established model of the world as we know it. This sort of fixity and stubbornness is low-road Mercury in Taurus.

Consideration of that which we value and of the ways in which we habitually use our time are themes of this Mercury retrograde in Taurus. Since we spend so much time in our minds we must develop awareness of our thoughts.

When we become more aware of our mind’s running commentary we can make a decision to change our thinking. Instead of a monologue of self-hate or judgement or complaints or resentment we can stop. Make a choice about your state of mind that aligns with your values.

When awareness returns you might be surprised, shocked even, by how many negative thoughts you are having. I know I was. Relentless silent punishments.

It is in our mind that intention is born. And intention is like a drawn arrow, aimed toward our future~goal~vision~dharma. From here we go forth, with words action and effort. If we are clear in our setting of intention, life unfolds in ways that support and inspire us.

Until the 23rd of May Mercury is retrograde, joining Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, so it is truly the season for reflection. A little time spent reviewing the ways in which your thoughts support or hinder your success~growth~evolution is in alignment with the current cosmic vibe.

Not a Bull but a nice Zen-looking cow

Make like sensual Taurus and prioritise time to connect with your body via feeling it’s messages. Rest, nourishment, time spent in nature, stillness, peace are necessary for our holistic well being. Acceptance that we don’t know all the answers is liberating. Relinquish control. Mystery abounds.

Surrender is a strength.


Scorpio Full Moon

Friday the 22nd brings us April’s Full Moon at 3° Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol ~ a house raising ~ evokes community, cooperation, support, helpfulness, teamwork. The shared experience that, despite our active social media life, is increasingly lacking in modern times. Can we allow the quiet voice of our unconscious to be heard over the relentless tweets, status updates, podcasts and soundclouds? Its gentle reminder that despite feelings of isolation and loneliness, we are all connected. We are reliant upon one another in so many ways that we often take for granted. Life as we know it, globalisation~consumption~complication in excess can dull our sensitivity to one another and to the majesty of life itself, but observing the rhythms of the natural world (such as the Lunar cycle) allows us moments in time to recognise and appreciate our miraculous existence.

Scorpio is co-ruled by Pluto and Mars, both planets having turned retrograde just this week. This Scorpio Full Moon guides us towards the intended focus of the retrograde phases of the two power planets. Pluto harbours our soul’s deepest needs, and Mars drives us in pursuit of them.

Scorpio also corresponds archetypally to the eighth house of the natural zodiac. The eighth house traditionally represents taboo matters of instinct and security: sex, death and other people’s money. Contemporary astrology broadens its meaning to envelope also our darkness, secrets, power, and complexity. It follows on from the themes of the seventh house (relationships) and is thus symbolic of a deepening of partnership ~ intimacy ~ the consummation of a marriage ~ exposure of shadows ~ the blending of assets ~ beyond what is rightly shared by dear friends and valued business associates.

This Full Moon encourages us to consider our deepest relationships, and how we contribute to the health and wellbeing of the sacred unions we have chosen. The intention behind our alliance (whether its been vowed aloud before a delighted tearful audience or whispered privately in the dark after lights out) calls for respect, humility, sincerity, consideration, openness and love. Do we recognise the profound truth of it having been a choice? And now that we have made our choice can we take responsibility for its success? Now that we’ve made our marital bed, can we lay in it?

As explained by Robert A. Johnson in the illuminating work The Psychology of Romantic Love, can we sacrifice romance and thus make sacred life’s ordinariness?



There is much joy

to be found in the

minutiae of life


Equally, the secrets of our inner Scorpio stir now, urging us to go deeper… explore our personal power. Scorpio’s counter point is Taurus and the two archetypes aim to balance one another: the Bull’s peaceful simplicity with the Scorpion’s chthonic complexity. If we’ve been hiding, or indeed hiding from, parts of ourselves, the retrograde phase supports our work in re-discovering more of who we are. Feeling our strength. Knowing our truth. Living authentically.

With the Sun now in Taurus opposing the Full Moon this lunation may remind us of our inherent human form limitation ~ mortality. To quote the Grim Reaper as depicted by Saturn Award winner William Sadler in the underrated 1991 teen flick Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey “you may be a king or a little street sweeper but sooner or later you’ll dance with the reaper”.

Finally, as this Full Moon glow bathes our planetary home this Earth Day we might also allow it to remind us of our connection to this blessed ball of rock on which we ride through space~time. Our human existence relies on the survival of Gaia. We are all inter-connected to each other, to our magical Earthly home and to the source of all that is. Simultaneously tiny insignificant profoundly foolish and ridiculous, yet instrumental and powerful unique expressions of God. Animal instincts combined with gifts of consciousness and free will.

Grasp the reality.

Revere the mystery.

Rejoice in the paradox.

Transformation of what lies beneath


The unconscious forces within us are powerful. Carl Jung compared our psyches with islands of consciousness in an ocean of unconsciousness. Despite our lack of awareness the parts of our psyche that remain largely hidden yield much control over each of us: our perceptions, behaviours and our manifest realities.

Jung developed the theory of the complex ~ a pattern of memories, beliefs and emotions tied to a common theme ~ we are often unaware of our own personal complexes but they can be obvious to those who know us. For example, the inferiority complex arises commonly in childhood as we become aware of the reality that we are dependent upon others (usually our parents) for life. This can become a negative influence in our psyche if we are discouraged and made to feel inadequate as we grow. Once we are adults our complex becomes aroused unexpectedly and we behave in ways that appear comically irrational: to illustrate, I become defensive and pouty when I feel I’m not being taken seriously. My unconscious transports me to childhood where my feelings of inferiority surface and I react to a lifetime of experiences that have fed into my inferiority complex.

The personal unconscious also consists of Shadow ~ sides of ourselves we don’t want others to see so we deny, reject, suppress, project in an effort to be liked, or more primitively loved, and accepted by the society of which we are a part. As children we are guided by parents, caregivers, peers, and our culture towards a socially acceptable version of who we are. We learn that tantrums are unacceptable and we stuff our rage. We are taught that violence is impermissible by means of an innocuous-household-item-turned-weapon (e.g. the dreaded wooden spoon or belt) and we stuff our physical urges. We receive isolation as punishment for demanding behaviours, and discouragement for expressions of dissatisfaction. We are scowled at and shamed for exploration of our bodies. We stuff all these so-called negative behaviours with a good dose of frustration at the hypocrisy of the grown-up world, and thus the Shadow is born.

These two (as well as other) hidden aspects of the self exist, with or without acknowledgement. For as long as we choose to deny our unconscious, and remain unwilling to engage in an active inner life, the unconscious reveals itself in our outer life. Without self-knowledge we are victims of our own incomprehension, and suffer self-sabotage time and again as we meet our own inner life demons in manifest material world form. We experience our inner life in our outer life. This occurs on both a personal and collective level.

Circumstances work to bring our awareness to that which is unconscious within us. As these unconscious conditions surface we are given an opportunity to learn about ourselves. So, when I feel anger I am given a chance to be conscious. I observe my feeling and notice the sensations and images that accompany it, as well as my thoughts (my ego’s commentary that fuels the fire of righteous indignation!). While I allow this process to unfold I am conscious. The feeling will pass and I will have learned something about myself, and I will’ve harmed none because I’ve not acted. Feelings bring insights, if we allow ourselves to get the message.

Self-knowledge is power. As we become increasingly aware of the fecundity of our unconscious (including our complexes and Shadow) and learn to integrate these aspects of our psyche into our whole self, we simultaneously cease to be manipulated from the inside out. Awareness seeds the potential for transformation.

Monday 18th of April sees power planets Mars and Pluto station retrograde (this simply means that, from our perspective here on Earth, the two planets appear to stand still and then over the coming weeks and months they appear to move backwards ~ an optical illusion similar to cars moving a different speeds on a freeway) and so begins a time of contemplation.

This phase encourages us to surrender our drive to act, in favour of pausing to reflect. I have found that Mars retrograde periods can be quite frustrating, especially when they impact sensitive points in one’s chart. But action taken in haste can lead us into trouble at times like this, so it is worth recalling wise 13th century Sufi poet~mystic~philospher Rumi’s sagacious words…

When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of distress and anxiety;

If I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without any pain.

From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me.

As Mars returns to Scorpio we are invited back into our dark, and for the next four months we are urged to re-examine our motives and discern our true desires. Rather than pushing for results, demanding action, or impulsively acting out of fears and anxiety, we are better suited now to reflect upon the profound question: What do we really want?

Retrograde Pluto (from now until mid January) will bring our awareness to that in our lives which is ready for release or transformation. Pluto powers our inner work, and as unconscious conditions surface they enable us to examine our own chthonic depths. There exists a seed of potential to re-emerge more powerful, wise and whole than ever before. With loving kindness, compassion, willingness and patience this time will nurture our evolution and facilitate profound healing on a personal and collective level.



To quote the wonderful Leunig again…


God give us strength

Strength to hold on

And strength to let go


Aries New Moon

DSCF7480The approaching Aries New Moon occurs on Thursday 7th of April, at 6.25pm (AWST). Aries, like the sheep that symbolises it, is sometimes under-appreciated, sold short or dumbed down. Truly, it is the pure raw vitality of the Ram that catalyses our human experience. We are propelled into consciousness by Aries’ primal urge to be. We have become a self, suddenly aware that we are alive. Bravely stepping up, into the breach…

Courageous. Pioneering. Adventurous. Independent. Creative.

Aries is the sign of the subjective me ~ the Self. As we grow from infancy, through childhood and puberty, and into hopefully evolving adults we create an identity. We learn about ourselves along the way, collating experiences and knowledge to better understand and define who we are. This experience, like all human experiences as represented by the 12 signs of the zodiac, has inherent limits. Beyond the Self there is much to explore, but without the Self there is no-one who would bother to explore it.

The archetypal warrior lives within each of us, and when we feel compelled to fight for something that resonates deep within our psyche, or to defend ourselves or another against wrongdoing, it is upon our innate Aries power that we must draw. To take right action, we must be clear and courageous. Courage is not the absence of fear, but showing up despite the fear. If we run~hide, we miss an opportunity to cultivate courage.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” Anaïs Nin

This New Moon occurs in conjunction with Uranus, the great awakener! Like a bolt from the blue, shock insights and sudden realisations transpire under Uranian influence. Uranus can also act as the link from our past to our future: the part of our soul that knows everything that has ever, or will ever happen! Cultural historian Richard Tarnas linked Uranus to mythological Greek Titan Prometheus who, after fashioning prototype humans out of clay, bestowed us with fiery creative power, as opposed to animal instincts.

Uranus in Aries (until March 2019) wants us to channel our uniqueness in order that we may self-actualise, Maslow styles. Turn pro. We are now cosmically supported in conscious development of the me~you that we want to be! The lead up to the Aries New Moon is an opportune time to muse upon our goals for individuation over the next three years. An exploration of your natal chart can discern how this is best approached. And as the Aries New Moon occurs we set courageous intent.

The New Moon~Sun~Uranus in Aries conjunction is also in harmonious aspect to lunation ruler Mars, thus granting us the gumption we need to set the goals that demand we aim for high road Aries. Be not the sheep who follow blindly, but the Ram who blazes a trail! Do not allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes, relinquishing our will and ambition to the herd (or is it flock?) mentality that rewards us with nothing more than safety, in numbers. Be brave, clench fists

Chiron & the Moon’s South Node

Today, Chiron and the Moon’s South Node go their separate ways. As this poignant link at 21° Pisces comes to an end, we begin to process messages from our past that have emerged into consciousness this month.

The Moon’s Nodal Axis represents our evolving soul’s trajectory through this life. The South Node reflects our past, and may not be limited to our present earthly incarnation. It symbolises our karmic inheritance and describes a set of default patterns that we can easily remain stuck in, unless we cultivate awareness and an attitude that welcomes change.

When we observe the transiting movements of the Lunar Nodal Axis we see that its shifting through the zodiac (it moves in a retrograde, or apparently backwards, motion) brings our awareness to that which most serves our evolution at the time = that which we most need to integrate and learn, both individually and collectively.

Chiron is a planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Named after a mythological centaur, Chiron was the much sought-after healer who paradoxically could not heal his own wound. Where we find Chiron in our birth chart represents the gift that lies within our own woundedness. As a transiting influence Chiron prescribes us our medicine for the moment.

Chiron’s link to the Lunar South Node indicates a time of enhanced awareness of our past, and the woundings we have sustained. Events of the last couple of weeks may’ve triggered our pain response, or we may’ve had contact with people from our past, or our thoughts have drifted to times gone by… nostalgic or relieved, we remember.

I believe in the importance of recognising our wounds. We have all suffered in our lives and we have scars to prove it. Acceptance of our pain  is the first step in healing. Instead of denial, suppression and escapism we benefit from feeling our pain. Exploration of events we have perceived as traumatic is imperative and enlightening. As we consciously reflect upon the details of our experience we gain clarity. We understand what has transpired.

BUT, the vital lesson with this profoundly healing union occurring in the sign of Pisces = we must not attach to our woundedness. Where we identify with our pain, and the story of our wounding, we become victims (low-road Pisces) wallowing in self-pity, we give away our power. We must acknowledge our innate wounding without allowing it to limit us.

With love, we can make space for healing: a dynamic process that flows through us ~ transforming our consciousness and our lives as we

accept forgive release

We can learn from our past, and have our wounds inform our present selves. But where we allow ourselves to be bound to our past, we are destined to replay our histories. Defaulting to the well-worn path (karma) of our South Node. We compose the “story of me” and reinforce our neurocircuitry as we tell it again and again and again.


The truth is

we are all wounded.

And Pisces wants to teach us


Easter long weekend

As the steady rain rejuvenates the parched earth left behind in Summer’s wake, it is the Easter long weekend and the astro-scape is inspiring!

There is a T-square between opposing Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo, that is anchored by Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter opposing Venus encourages expansion and opening of the heart, an enhanced desire for connection. The square with Saturn can highlight any deficiencies we  are feeling around this inherent Venusian impulse to love, and form meaningful relationships.

Remarkably, of all 360 Sabian Symbols two involved in this weekends T-square include the only two Easter images! Saturn’s Sabian Symbol is an Easter sunrise service denoting a celebration of rebirth, renewal, resurrection. With Sagittarian openness we cultivate a positive attitude as we welcome people from all walks of life in the spirit of connection. We are warned against cynicism and stubbornness, and an “inability to recognise underlying significance” (Roche, 1998, p.291) of the deeper meaning of the festival ~ the reason for the season: honouring the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the more ancient Pagan celebration of fertility, new beginnings and hope.

Pisces’ higher consciousness can be linked to Christ and our urge to return to Source (the resurrection > ascension into the clouds) is distinctly Piscean. We are all human beings and we each suffer in our lives. Rather than falling into traps of judgement, blame, and projection, with Venusian support we might edge closer to Christ-like compassion and forgiveness. Venus is a little over halfway through her journey through Pisces and imploring us to connect to something larger than ourselves, whether that be a significant other, the collective, or God.

Venus in Pisces’ current Sabian Symbol is an Easter promenade, once more representing celebration. The accent for this symbol is on individual self-expression, presenting ourselves in a considered, not ostentatious, way that makes the most of our gifts. Generosity of spirit is encouraged, as we share our skills and talents for the benefit of the collective. We are cautioned against attention-seeking behaviour that could make us appear foolish, especially when Jupiter is involved…

Transiting Jupiter’s Sabian Symbol now is an erupting volcano! The explosive release of subconscious power and passion can be volatile and so requires awareness and conscious direction. We can positively express ourselves with a dramatic flair and enhance the experience of the collective. Virgo reminds us to retain a sense of humility, while Saturn’s influence returns us to basics = breath ~ presence ~ respect for others needs and space.

The energy bound to T-squares can often best be harnessed by using any harmonious aspects (60° and 120°) that play into the anchor planet. This weekend Mercury and Uranus are trining (120°) Saturn. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury: these two planets represent mind functions ~ perception, memory, thought, communication.

Quick Mercury is is our conscious mind. Slow-moving Uranus is our unconscious ~ the undiscovered unmapped psyche. High-road Mercury is questioning, curious and open-minded, while low-road Mercury already knows the answers, having formed a satisfactory view of the world long ago. High-road Uranus represents our soul’s accumulated knowledge accessed via intuitive flashes of insight and altered states of consciousness ~ like lightening! Low-road Uranus uses this acquired information in ways that are contrary, selfish and irresponsible.

Mercury’s trip through Aries (complete on the 6th of April) supports the formulation of an updated Self informed by freshly accumulated data. Uranus in Aries (until March 2019) supports our individuation, and as an expression of this evolving energy this Easter weekend, we are called to be joyfully true to our present selves, to celebrate the symbolic rebirth~resurrection.

IMG_0678During this long weekend we are cosmically supported in giving ourselves permission to be free of the shackles of the past. Emboldened by Aries courage, buoyed by Jupiter’s optimism, open of mind and heart we must take some time to simply enjoy life! In gratitude.

Choose love

The atrocity in Brussels yesterday occurred under interesting planetary stimulus. All energy requires a channel through which to flow; when we allow energy to become destructive instead of creative bad things happen. As human beings we are blessed with the freedom to choose, and as unique contributors to the whole we have an opportunity in each moment to take the high road, thus evolving the collective consciousness. Whether it be in thought or action, we are creating reality, so let’s aim high and choose love.

As the Libra Full Moon looms, the energy continues to build. Of particular note is the square between Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. These two players are facing off in a battle of belief systems. Where this energy remains conscious, we are supported in our own personal and collective rethink on philosophies to live by. We can access Virgoan critique, and Saturn’s wise pragmatism = change is possible. But when we allow the arrogance of low-road Jupiter and the fundamentalism of low-road Sagittarius to hijack these higher intentions, judgemental attitudes prevail. Add to this the crisis inherent in the Virgo archetype and the duty-bound dogma of low-road Saturn and there is potential for things to get messy.

Especially when Mars is in on it. High-road Mars in Sagittarius is the ultimate spiritual warrior, exercising restraint while fighting the good fight; advocating for freedom and our collective highest good. But when the low-road God of War saddles up his high horse there are no holds barred. The righteous indignation is palpable, polarising and on some level, justified.

Herein lies the danger: we become engaged with this (or any of the many other) hideous event and we get mad. We feel angry that this can happen. We confabulate and incite one another in work lunch-room discussions. With the headlines snaking across television screens worldwide, the fear-fuelled retelling of the tragedy is relentless. Personal accounts of victims’ pain and suffering cause us to become emotionally embroiled and our anxiety inevitably builds. With thoughts of a terror attack on home soil we feel impelled to blame and point our finger, and defend ourselves with vitriolic racism and more bombs. Us versus them.


Adding to the cosmic energy mix at play, despite their separating status, revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto continue to square each other. This long-haul aspect is one that effects serious change: its slow speed coupled with the planetary combination (Uranus = awakening via trauma and Pluto = profound paradoxical truth) have allowed it to reshape our individual and collective consciousness in recent years. It has been in effect since 2012 and while most astrologers seem to have moved onto more contemporary planetary aspects, perhaps we turned our backs too soon on this doozy of a transit!

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Aries at the time of the attacks is a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country thus “the man is perceived by others not as a unique individual but in terms of his collective identity and the cultural traditions that he represents” (Roche, 1998, p.33). This description takes on a sinister tone in the wake of these recent acts against humanity.

The keyword for this Sabian Symbol is exploitation. Diana E. Roche describes the negative implications: “Infamy as the result of portraying and perpetuating the worst stereotypes of a culture” (1998, p34). We can see how suicide bombers have been exploited by groups hell bent on an agenda that breeds fear, hatred and segregation. These people have been misled by false promises of celebrated martyrdom and eternal glory, and appallingly they have been convinced that god wants them to harm their fellows. The response of “our side” is no different, though we have better marketing.

War is not the answer. Violence begets violence. We must pray for victims on both sides of this gaping global wound, for the division is merely an illusion. We are all one, and these despicable deeds are not acts against enemies, but self harm. Our collective consciousness, for which we are all personally responsible, is surely at a tipping point? We must choose love, before it is too late.

Now i am going back to my meditation♥

Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon occurs at 8.02pm (AWST) on Wednesday the 23rd of March and brings our awareness to relations with those near and dear to us, as well as those not-so-much. Libra is the sign of harmony and diplomacy; neither of which exist without an other. Libra represents the archetypal other, and the development of our personal objectivity as we create, build and maintain relationships.

Libra teaches us empathy, as we come into contact with other human beings and hear their stories we develop an ability to see things from their perspective. As this objectivity evolves we become attuned to the reality that we are all connected, and we can understand people in more abstract situations: that is, we are able to imagine how it might feel to face a difficult life in a war torn country, or to struggle with four hungry children in the supermarket! We learn compassion.

If a relationship is to grow, we must draw on our social skills. For example, courtesy is the oft-neglected old school virtue that means we adapt to the needs of others, making adjustments to our language, behaviour and affect. Courtesy allows the other to become comfortable in our presence, and so rapport builds. From here we inspire trust and perhaps even intimacy, in our deepest relationships. This is Libran high country, and we navigate it well when we nurture our ability to relate to others in an authentic and warm manner.

We also receive feedback in our relationships, and so learn more about who we are as individuals. We discern the similarities and differences that exist between ourselves and others. So much of what we see in others is a reflection of that which lives inside us. There is much in each human psyche that remains unconscious, and allowing others to be the mirror we need can be enlightening.

This (Libra~Aries axis) Full Moon provides an important opportunity for these kinds of interactions to occur. As we encounter people in all their humanness we might find it easy and sometimes satisfying to judge, blame and project. But where we approach each moment as a chance to learn something, life is generous. We become increasingly aware of our human frailties and flaws, and so more forgiving of others for theirs.

When the Moon is full it is always exactly opposite the Sun, and hence illuminated. The Sun has now moved into Aries, vying for our increased attention to self. Riding shotgun with the Sun now is Mercury: the two are in easy aspect to feisty Mars in straight-shootin’ Sagittarius, so the urge to communicate one’s own needs is strong. As Mars squares Venus, there is potential for sparks to fly, especially in our close relationships! If we can, it helps to listen more than we speak.

Venus is the ruler of this lunation, and currently coupled with Neptune in Pisces. These two planets vibe well together: a shared understanding of the innate human need for connection ~ to become larger than we are alone. We are again reminded of this spiritual side of life. Where we invite an element of reverence into our lives, gratitude grows and leads to more fulfilment ~ a richer human experience.

Jovial Jupiter in Virgo is exactly square to serious Saturn in Sagittarius, and as they agitate one another, they can also act to temper: optimism versus realism ~ buoyancy versus groundedness ~ faith versus effort ~ ideally we channel the best of each planet’s gifts, and do not allow ourselves to be swept up in Jupiter’s over-confidence or foolhardiness, or unnecessarily limited by Saturn’s gloomy pessimism.

The astro-scape presents us now with potential conflicts, misunderstandings, and communication breakdowns, and so with opportunities aplenty to become aware of our patterns and karma, and to (channel our inner Lennon~McCartney) make a conscious choice to work it out, or let it be.


Our best advice

is to access this

Full Moon’s Libra vibes and


Autumn equinox 2016

DSC_0082_2As the waxing crescent Moon in Gemini rises now, we are midway between last week’s solar eclipse in Pisces and next week’s Full Moon in Libra. As the Moon waxes out of the dark, our energy builds. The Moon now allows for an expression of the data we collated at last week’s Pisces New Moon eclipse. We feel inspired.

Despite the heat, I sense the approaching Autumn. My favourite time of the year, with milder days and cooler nights, Autumn heralds a time of letting go, and of greeting the dark. The Autumn Equinox (3.30pm AWST Sunday 20th March 2016) marks the time when the Sun reaches its zenith above the equator: thus day and night are of equal length ~ balance

Light and Dark. Each dwells within us in equal measure. That which we do not acknowledge is merely denied and so allowed to control us via manifestation in the outer world. Chaos abounds! Or life feels frustratingly inert. We feel fragmented and disconnected. Something isn’t right.

As we come to know our dark~Shadow, we unearth the gold of our being. In the dark, where we’ve learnt to hide our human frailties, the parts of us that are unfit for public consumption and that of which we are ashamed, we often also hide our most creative and expressive self.

Shadow work is so challenging but so very liberating too. As I continue to work consciously with the fecundity of my own dark matter I am empowered. I feel myself becoming whole. My vulnerability has become a strength and I am more courageous as I begin to express my experiences to you, dear reader. But I digress 🙂 …

With the days now noticeably shorter we farewell the Summer and our gaze shifts inward. I’ve found none who capture the essence of Autumn as beautifully as the wonderfully insightful Michael Leunig

“Dear God, Let us prepare for winter. The Sun has turned away from us and the nest of summer hangs broken in a tree. Life slips through our fingers and, as darkness gathers, our hands grow cold. It is time to go inside. It is time for reflection and resonance. It is time for contemplation. Let us go inside. Amen.”

To every thing there is a season. As our part of the Earth shifts away from the warm light of the life-giving Sun, the time for Yin process is nigh…

Receptivity ~ stillness ~ rest ~ nourishment ~ surrender

Allow these feminine states to nurture our soul. Shed the archaic patriarchal belief that we must always toil strive accomplish achieve

Late Summer’s harvest is almost complete. The Fall of leaves begins, reminding us of the impermanence of all things: the cycle of life. As we allow this reminder to direct our own inner flow, we feel the time is right to let go some of our own attachments:

patterns that bind us to our past

habits that do not support our growth

beliefs that limit us

We find that so much of who we are is in fact, who we were


Blessings in abundance upon all who’ve come to visit this cyber~space. Wishing you a beautiful Autumn Equinox