Pisces New Moon

IMG_2693The annual Pisces New Moon (Wednesday 9th March, 9.55am AWST) brings us this years only total solar eclipse. The subtle Pisces energy has been building in recent weeks: the Luminaries (Sun&Moon) have joined landlord Neptune and long-term tenant Chiron, while Mercury (planet of perception~thought~communication) crashes on the couch for a little over a fortnight. The Moon’s South Node too is aligned to this house party. Mercury’s arrival on Saturday now allows for us to cognitively access the spiritual growth ushered in by slow mover Neptune. And as Chiron remains fused with the South Node of the Moon, our past and the wounds we have sustained can now become the growth medium that allows for healing and transformation.

The Pisces Virgo axis symbolises the guru~disciple relationship: the handing down of wisdom from generation to generation. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a master instructing his pupil” and so we are reminded to open our minds; to listen and learn. We are warned against arrogance. And of course we can relate. We’ve all been students, novices, apprentices. We know there are times in life when we must bow humbly before a mentor and accept our shortcomings in order to benefit.

My spiritual teacher recently urged: “be the disciple to your own experience”. Rather than accepting the word of another as gospel, we must recover our own truth. Instead of putting all our faith in ideas that were foisted upon us in our tender years, or allowing our ego to singlehandedly navigate our path through life, perhaps we should tap into our own innate wisdom.

We know our truth. We can feel it.

When we are still and receptive we can sense something…

the tiniest little voice

the subtlest vibration

the faintest vision

Life is busy, full of myriad distractions. Spare moments are few and filled with Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…

We can let low-road Pisces delude us with fantasy escape and illusion.
But if we can grant ourselves a moment of quiet. A few breaths. Some solitude. Magic happens…

We nourish our connection and it grows. Like reinforcing brain pathways: practice makes perfect.

This is the true gift of Pisces: the fishes immersed in the ocean of pure consciousness. When we dive into the realm of mysticism dreams and mystery we are embarking on a journey into the unknown. There are treasures to be found that urge us onward~inward. While they might appear to lack value in a monetary cents or in terms of “the real world” they support an unending expansion of our inner life that nourishes our soul. We are charting a course through unmarked territory en route to our own unique divine destiny.

We find that as long as our search for meaning takes place in the material world we are lost. Home couldn’t be closer. And it’ll be there whenever we are ready to return.


IMG_2473Saturn is the Time Lord, whose action tends to limit us and slow things down. He brings us back to reality and holds us accountable for our actions. He can be harsh too. We might think we’ve gotten away with something but more likely, Saturn just hasn’t caught up with us yet. Rest assured; he will.

Where we are able to effectively integrate Saturn energy into our lives we benefit from wisdom, maturity, personal responsibility, self-discipline, humility and integrity. We learn things and develop a strong foundation from which to extend ourselves. Saturn sets boundaries, and like a good father, is ultimately supportive and holds our highest good in mind.

We could be forgiven for thinking otherwise when we find ourselves in the midst of a Saturn transit. Notably Saturn Return, which occurs approximately every 29 years, can indeed be punishing as we come to terms first with the realities of adulthood as we near 30; and later as we approach 60 we must reflect upon life thus far, what that means for our legacy, as well as the limitations of the encroaching elder years. But Saturn is always somewhere, and potentially activating the various trigger points in our birth chart. He is ever watchful, aware of our intentions and attempts at self-deception.

Lately I’ve observed a few distinctly Saturnian wake up calls. Each of these stories are sad and to me, relatable. I can see how things slowly but surely spiralled downwards until inevitably, something’s gotta give. When we find ourselves at crisis point it is only we who are able to liberate ourselves from the shackles of pride, denial, projection, escapism, and pain. We must understand that these critical Saturn events are gifts. We are given an opportunity to wake up!

But so often, defensiveness kicks in. We are too afraid, too ashamed, too habituated in avoidance that we sleep through the alarm. Taking this path perpetuates the suffering. We cannot escape our own karma, and we are creating it with each and every moment. When we resist the imposed authority of Saturn we are blinded to the doors Saturn has opened for us. So busy are we shifting blame or pointing fingers or frantically ignoring the signs we miss our cue…

With awareness it is never too late. Within each of us is strength power intelligence. We know the truth. In a sticky Saturn predicament, we must surrender, be humble and graciously accept our defeat. From here we can rise again, more resilient, mature and wise. We learn from our mistakes and we are better people for it.

Virgo Full Moon


The annual Full Moon in Virgo occurs on Tuesday 23rd February at 2.21am local time (AWST). Virgo represents humility, service and sacrifice, health and healing

Mercury ruled, Virgo is a mind-oriented earth sign, but differs to the Yang energy of its airy counterpart Gemini. Virgo is discerning and allows for the intake of information in a way that discriminates, sorting the wheat from the chaff. We are supported now in being able to see what is truly required as we venture forth towards a bright future.

The Virgo~Pisces axis is where we find the Moon’s Nodes until May 2017. This is a time to consciously move away from low-road Piscean vibes: escapism, delusions, victim mentality. This Virgo Full Moon is a reminder to us all to serve in alignment with the highest good. We are all connected and when we act from a place of integrity we nourish ourSelves, our others, as well as our connection to Source~God. The word sacrifice comes from the Latin, to make sacred. When we can view service as an opportunity and a privilege we rise to the realm of high-road Virgo.

Jupiter is also in Virgo and remains in conjunction with the Moon’s North Node, buoying our genuine efforts toward expansion, growth and evolution. Jupiter blesses us with faith and optimism, but low-road manifestations (over-confidence and tendency to overindulgence, for example) can lead us off track. Here we can learn from Virgo: honest Self-appraisal can strengthen us. But guard against excessive criticism of Self and others. Be kind.

Directly opposite is Chiron, almost exactly conjunct the South Node in Pisces. A time for healing old hurts is imminent. Chiron is the wounded healer and a great cosmic teacher. The fusion of these symbols facilitates the transformation of our traumas. Baby steps. Acknowledgement of our pain is the beginning. From here there is much work to do. If we wallow in our woundedness believing ourselves to be victims; if we anaesthetise the pain rather than transforming it, we fall prey to low-road Pisces.

As the Virgo Full Moon ruler, Mercury (messenger of the Gods) blesses us with incoming information, further supporting our evolutionary efforts. Aquarius is where we’ll find Mercury now and this sign links us to both past and future. Remain open, of mind and heart.

Mars too is involved, via a square to both the Sun and the Moon. Mars’ continuing journey through Scorpio is enabling the unearthing of our dark matter. As Mars agitates the luminaries there is more fuel thrown on the fire, so conflict and over-reactions are possible. Remember to breathe.

The illuminating nature of the Full Moon, and this lunation’s relationship involving Chiron~South Node indicate that wounds we’ve sustained in our past are triggered at this time. Feelings and emotions resurface. Our health might lag (our body links the divine to our experience in an effort to bring attention to issues we are avoiding). Events themselves may catalyse a thought process or some insight into old pain. Whatever, this is a powerful Moon that precedes the March eclipse season, and if we are feeling the strain of it as it builds, we do well to apply ourselves to a little inner work.

Note the signs. There are many. Indulge in a little navel-gazing and let your mind wander. Dream. Journal. Make space for new understanding. And, as the magical Moon waxes to her fullest the next few nights remember to take a peek out the window, or better yet, get out and bask in that glow!

Mars and anger

Mars: God of War. The red warrior planet whose energy can be intense, vibrant, excitable, driven, volatile, even violent. When our animal nature stirs we are in Mars territory as we get in touch with our instinctive selves. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Mars. This archetype represents the primal Self: not exactly ego but the identity we create as we develop grow evolve

When we feel challenged our instinct can be to become angry. We react to emotions that arise instantaneously, such as fear, anxiety and hurt. If you are anything like me, that reaction is often an angry one. Before I know it I am defensive and aggressive, not to mention offensive (lol!) and it is my poorly channelled Mars rearing his ugly head. I am ready for battle, saddled up on my high horse before I can even take one conscious breath. Ugh.

If anger is a Martian energy it needs proper expression. Sometimes, there is real cause for anger (#letthemstay) but venting indiscriminately is not helpful. Becoming identified with an opinion, whether it be political, philosophical, hypothetical or whatever, allows us to get lost in a futile battle of wills with whomsoever was unfortunate enough to give voice to their disagreement. We rant and rave, even rage, as we unconsciously hand the reins to low-road Mars.

In this reactive state, we can make serious mistakes. See crimes of passion #nextstopprison. If only we could turn back time. When we poorly manage Mars energy chronically and find ourselves portrayed as “bad tempered” (or as my partner regularly described me until a couple of years ago “cantankerous” yeesh! i wish i could deny it) we are not using our most vibrant and ambitious planetary energy for its intended purpose. We are righteously indignant “how dare he/she/they?!!” as we defend our position. “i have every right to be angry!”

Perhaps, to some extent, this might be true. But it is irrelevant. We’ve been given a brain so lets use it. There is always a choice. We do not have to allow ourselves to become caught in downward spiral of seething resentment. When we feed those angry thoughts, our angry brain-pathways are reinforced. Every. Single. Time. When we consider an alternative response we create a new piece of neurocircuitry (!) and who can’t use more of that?!

Please understand, we don’t deny our feelings. Once again, employing Buddhist principles is helping me. We accept our anger. But, more than that, we need to scratch the surface. Beneath that over-reaction is something else… hurt, pain, sadness, anxiety. Fear. That old chestnut. In my experience, when I look just a little bit closer and engage in some honest self-appraisal, once I see that I am simply acting our of old pain my anger evaporates. I find inner space to breathe for a moment. I find compassion humility and love. No shit!

If we truly need to act, we must first breathe. Exercise restraint, like the true warrior. Then our actions are more meaningful and considered. They are smarter and less embarrassing. We are courageous. We are in high-road Mars country and the views are epic!

Attachment theory

Our attachment to concepts can be so damaging. When we allow our ego to identify with an idea we form an unconscious attachment that can wreak havoc in our lives!

To have immersed oneself in a spiritual way of life, and devoured literature and teachings in support of this, we come to place whereby we have an excellent intellectual grasp on the philosophy of spirituality. We are competent in our understanding of God Theory, but our experience of God is somewhat lacking.

Just because we comprehend the idea of mindfulness, for example, we are not necessarily experiencing it as a living reality. We might dis-cover the resonant concept and accept it as personal truth. So we believe that we have integrated it into our being and thus we feel we are living it. Perhaps we have moments of presence that fuel us in a belief that we have attained some level of higher consciousness. We might even appear as though we are enlightened, as we present to the world with a Buddha-like detachment that gives the impression we have risen above the trials tribulations dramas of samsara.

There may exist within us some judgement upon others as we assess their level of consciousness. We may be unconsciously hypocritical in our lack of self-awareness.

When we examine ourselves closely, and cast the Virgoan critical eye over our deep Self, we see that there is something missing. Despite all our knowledge of spirituality, our sincere belief in virtuous ideals, our genuine intention to act out of love for our fellow wo~man, our best efforts at spiritual practice, we have somehow missed the point.

We have understood a concept intellectually and attached to it emotionally, but we have not integrated it.

We have not consciously detached, we have disconnected.

And this unconscious disconnection is a kind of escape strategy. We have switched off from our feelings in a genuine effort to move to a place of compassion forgiveness love.

We deny our hurt pain anger.

But just because we deny it does not mean it is not there.

The only way to transform these feelings is to work with them.

And so we must feel our pain.

It is from this place of sincere surrender that true transformation occurs, and we can reconnect with God from an authentic and humble foundation.

Accept the anger. Employ Buddhist methods of embracing that anger if you wish (greeting anger as if it is an old faithful friend and allowing it the space to be). Apply the belief that anger is a sign that action must be taken, but exercise the restraint shown by a true warrior, and do not act out of that anger.

We can be conscious in our anger, but first we must be conscious of our anger.

When we accept that the anger exists, we are ready to explore where it has come from. The source of the emotion may be obvious, or it may be well hidden, and likely a bit of both. The wounds we carry are deep and complex. We make efforts to illuminate these dark aspects of psyche and we are freed from the Self-limiting place of denial and escapist tendencies. The deeper we delve, the more we find, and as we work through it we unearth our own personal power.

Discerning where the pain has come from is not intended to find a person with whom to lay blame. But an honest reflection of the event and all it entailed facilitiates the transformation of hurt and anger into compassion and peace. We look at what has happened from the point of view that it has occurred in aid of our own personal evolution. We are responsible for the metamorphosis of some hurtful incident into higher consciousness.

Again, this has the potential to become yet another concept to which we may attach. We may find ourselves looking upon others as they struggle with victimhood, pain and suffering and feeling superior. Be reminded that each journey is personal and one cannot know another’s experience of life.