Pisces New Moon

IMG_2693The annual Pisces New Moon (Wednesday 9th March, 9.55am AWST) brings us this years only total solar eclipse. The subtle Pisces energy has been building in recent weeks: the Luminaries (Sun&Moon) have joined landlord Neptune and long-term tenant Chiron, while Mercury (planet of perception~thought~communication) crashes on the couch for a little over a fortnight. The Moon’s South Node too is aligned to this house party. Mercury’s arrival on Saturday now allows for us to cognitively access the spiritual growth ushered in by slow mover Neptune. And as Chiron remains fused with the South Node of the Moon, our past and the wounds we have sustained can now become the growth medium that allows for healing and transformation.

The Pisces Virgo axis symbolises the guru~disciple relationship: the handing down of wisdom from generation to generation. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a master instructing his pupil” and so we are reminded to open our minds; to listen and learn. We are warned against arrogance. And of course we can relate. We’ve all been students, novices, apprentices. We know there are times in life when we must bow humbly before a mentor and accept our shortcomings in order to benefit.

My spiritual teacher recently urged: “be the disciple to your own experience”. Rather than accepting the word of another as gospel, we must recover our own truth. Instead of putting all our faith in ideas that were foisted upon us in our tender years, or allowing our ego to singlehandedly navigate our path through life, perhaps we should tap into our own innate wisdom.

We know our truth. We can feel it.

When we are still and receptive we can sense something…

the tiniest little voice

the subtlest vibration

the faintest vision

Life is busy, full of myriad distractions. Spare moments are few and filled with Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…

We can let low-road Pisces delude us with fantasy escape and illusion.
But if we can grant ourselves a moment of quiet. A few breaths. Some solitude. Magic happens…

We nourish our connection and it grows. Like reinforcing brain pathways: practice makes perfect.

This is the true gift of Pisces: the fishes immersed in the ocean of pure consciousness. When we dive into the realm of mysticism dreams and mystery we are embarking on a journey into the unknown. There are treasures to be found that urge us onward~inward. While they might appear to lack value in a monetary cents or in terms of “the real world” they support an unending expansion of our inner life that nourishes our soul. We are charting a course through unmarked territory en route to our own unique divine destiny.

We find that as long as our search for meaning takes place in the material world we are lost. Home couldn’t be closer. And it’ll be there whenever we are ready to return.

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