IMG_2473Saturn is the Time Lord, whose action tends to limit us and slow things down. He brings us back to reality and holds us accountable for our actions. He can be harsh too. We might think we’ve gotten away with something but more likely, Saturn just hasn’t caught up with us yet. Rest assured; he will.

Where we are able to effectively integrate Saturn energy into our lives we benefit from wisdom, maturity, personal responsibility, self-discipline, humility and integrity. We learn things and develop a strong foundation from which to extend ourselves. Saturn sets boundaries, and like a good father, is ultimately supportive and holds our highest good in mind.

We could be forgiven for thinking otherwise when we find ourselves in the midst of a Saturn transit. Notably Saturn Return, which occurs approximately every 29 years, can indeed be punishing as we come to terms first with the realities of adulthood as we near 30; and later as we approach 60 we must reflect upon life thus far, what that means for our legacy, as well as the limitations of the encroaching elder years. But Saturn is always somewhere, and potentially activating the various trigger points in our birth chart. He is ever watchful, aware of our intentions and attempts at self-deception.

Lately I’ve observed a few distinctly Saturnian wake up calls. Each of these stories are sad and to me, relatable. I can see how things slowly but surely spiralled downwards until inevitably, something’s gotta give. When we find ourselves at crisis point it is only we who are able to liberate ourselves from the shackles of pride, denial, projection, escapism, and pain. We must understand that these critical Saturn events are gifts. We are given an opportunity to wake up!

But so often, defensiveness kicks in. We are too afraid, too ashamed, too habituated in avoidance that we sleep through the alarm. Taking this path perpetuates the suffering. We cannot escape our own karma, and we are creating it with each and every moment. When we resist the imposed authority of Saturn we are blinded to the doors Saturn has opened for us. So busy are we shifting blame or pointing fingers or frantically ignoring the signs we miss our cue…

With awareness it is never too late. Within each of us is strength power intelligence. We know the truth. In a sticky Saturn predicament, we must surrender, be humble and graciously accept our defeat. From here we can rise again, more resilient, mature and wise. We learn from our mistakes and we are better people for it.

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  1. Thank you Zoë for your heartfelt offering: who among us doesn’t need that gentle nudge, a prompt to remind us to keep as priority: self-care through self-awareness and self-love. Once again I am inspired to turn within to find my foundation simply because I read and understood the words you strung together in the space of your cyber Temenos – bravo.

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