Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon occurs at 8.02pm (AWST) on Wednesday the 23rd of March and brings our awareness to relations with those near and dear to us, as well as those not-so-much. Libra is the sign of harmony and diplomacy; neither of which exist without an other. Libra represents the archetypal other, and the development of our personal objectivity as we create, build and maintain relationships.

Libra teaches us empathy, as we come into contact with other human beings and hear their stories we develop an ability to see things from their perspective. As this objectivity evolves we become attuned to the reality that we are all connected, and we can understand people in more abstract situations: that is, we are able to imagine how it might feel to face a difficult life in a war torn country, or to struggle with four hungry children in the supermarket! We learn compassion.

If a relationship is to grow, we must draw on our social skills. For example, courtesy is the oft-neglected old school virtue that means we adapt to the needs of others, making adjustments to our language, behaviour and affect. Courtesy allows the other to become comfortable in our presence, and so rapport builds. From here we inspire trust and perhaps even intimacy, in our deepest relationships. This is Libran high country, and we navigate it well when we nurture our ability to relate to others in an authentic and warm manner.

We also receive feedback in our relationships, and so learn more about who we are as individuals. We discern the similarities and differences that exist between ourselves and others. So much of what we see in others is a reflection of that which lives inside us. There is much in each human psyche that remains unconscious, and allowing others to be the mirror we need can be enlightening.

This (Libra~Aries axis) Full Moon provides an important opportunity for these kinds of interactions to occur. As we encounter people in all their humanness we might find it easy and sometimes satisfying to judge, blame and project. But where we approach each moment as a chance to learn something, life is generous. We become increasingly aware of our human frailties and flaws, and so more forgiving of others for theirs.

When the Moon is full it is always exactly opposite the Sun, and hence illuminated. The Sun has now moved into Aries, vying for our increased attention to self. Riding shotgun with the Sun now is Mercury: the two are in easy aspect to feisty Mars in straight-shootin’ Sagittarius, so the urge to communicate one’s own needs is strong. As Mars squares Venus, there is potential for sparks to fly, especially in our close relationships! If we can, it helps to listen more than we speak.

Venus is the ruler of this lunation, and currently coupled with Neptune in Pisces. These two planets vibe well together: a shared understanding of the innate human need for connection ~ to become larger than we are alone. We are again reminded of this spiritual side of life. Where we invite an element of reverence into our lives, gratitude grows and leads to more fulfilment ~ a richer human experience.

Jovial Jupiter in Virgo is exactly square to serious Saturn in Sagittarius, and as they agitate one another, they can also act to temper: optimism versus realism ~ buoyancy versus groundedness ~ faith versus effort ~ ideally we channel the best of each planet’s gifts, and do not allow ourselves to be swept up in Jupiter’s over-confidence or foolhardiness, or unnecessarily limited by Saturn’s gloomy pessimism.

The astro-scape presents us now with potential conflicts, misunderstandings, and communication breakdowns, and so with opportunities aplenty to become aware of our patterns and karma, and to (channel our inner Lennon~McCartney) make a conscious choice to work it out, or let it be.


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Virgo Full Moon


The annual Full Moon in Virgo occurs on Tuesday 23rd February at 2.21am local time (AWST). Virgo represents humility, service and sacrifice, health and healing

Mercury ruled, Virgo is a mind-oriented earth sign, but differs to the Yang energy of its airy counterpart Gemini. Virgo is discerning and allows for the intake of information in a way that discriminates, sorting the wheat from the chaff. We are supported now in being able to see what is truly required as we venture forth towards a bright future.

The Virgo~Pisces axis is where we find the Moon’s Nodes until May 2017. This is a time to consciously move away from low-road Piscean vibes: escapism, delusions, victim mentality. This Virgo Full Moon is a reminder to us all to serve in alignment with the highest good. We are all connected and when we act from a place of integrity we nourish ourSelves, our others, as well as our connection to Source~God. The word sacrifice comes from the Latin, to make sacred. When we can view service as an opportunity and a privilege we rise to the realm of high-road Virgo.

Jupiter is also in Virgo and remains in conjunction with the Moon’s North Node, buoying our genuine efforts toward expansion, growth and evolution. Jupiter blesses us with faith and optimism, but low-road manifestations (over-confidence and tendency to overindulgence, for example) can lead us off track. Here we can learn from Virgo: honest Self-appraisal can strengthen us. But guard against excessive criticism of Self and others. Be kind.

Directly opposite is Chiron, almost exactly conjunct the South Node in Pisces. A time for healing old hurts is imminent. Chiron is the wounded healer and a great cosmic teacher. The fusion of these symbols facilitates the transformation of our traumas. Baby steps. Acknowledgement of our pain is the beginning. From here there is much work to do. If we wallow in our woundedness believing ourselves to be victims; if we anaesthetise the pain rather than transforming it, we fall prey to low-road Pisces.

As the Virgo Full Moon ruler, Mercury (messenger of the Gods) blesses us with incoming information, further supporting our evolutionary efforts. Aquarius is where we’ll find Mercury now and this sign links us to both past and future. Remain open, of mind and heart.

Mars too is involved, via a square to both the Sun and the Moon. Mars’ continuing journey through Scorpio is enabling the unearthing of our dark matter. As Mars agitates the luminaries there is more fuel thrown on the fire, so conflict and over-reactions are possible. Remember to breathe.

The illuminating nature of the Full Moon, and this lunation’s relationship involving Chiron~South Node indicate that wounds we’ve sustained in our past are triggered at this time. Feelings and emotions resurface. Our health might lag (our body links the divine to our experience in an effort to bring attention to issues we are avoiding). Events themselves may catalyse a thought process or some insight into old pain. Whatever, this is a powerful Moon that precedes the March eclipse season, and if we are feeling the strain of it as it builds, we do well to apply ourselves to a little inner work.

Note the signs. There are many. Indulge in a little navel-gazing and let your mind wander. Dream. Journal. Make space for new understanding. And, as the magical Moon waxes to her fullest the next few nights remember to take a peek out the window, or better yet, get out and bask in that glow!