Jupiter goes direct

The first of the parade of retrograde planets to return to the natural flow of things, Jupiter turned direct today at 13° Virgo. Jupiter AKA Zeus: Jovial King of the Gods blesses us with faith confidence and optimism. Traditional astrologers call this giant planet the greater benefic as his influence was perceived to be one of good fortune ~ lucky even!

I view Jupiter not so much as a bringer of good luck but certainly as the cosmic life vest: his gaseousness expands (inflates?) all it touches, gifting us with buoyancy and resilience in the face of almost anything.

Like King Midas, whose foolish wish that all he touched would turn to gold, then died of starvation #canteatmoney Jupiter can make fools of us all. Under auspicious Jupiter vibes we can become over-confident and over-extended. I can link many an ignominious gaffe to transiting Jupiter, my own included. Cue blushing. BUT it is the sort of boldness bestowed by Jupiter that daring ideas require in order to launch. We can plant seeds now that could later prove to yield bountiful harvest. We may look back and cringe at our audacity, but be simultaneously grateful for it too. Jupiter can be the great initiator.

Jupiter now moves through Virgo until 10th of September, when it will enter Libra. The coming four months call us to make good use of this gift. Virgo symbolises discernment discrimination and details. Perhaps, it is this meticulous conscientiousness that sees Virgo so often minimised to finicky and pedantic. According to Liz Greene, Virgo originally simply meant unmarried woman (1991, p.59): she is not a kept woman, nor a wife: she is at nobody’s beck and call. The epitome of fertility goddess, but self-contained, not needy and demanding. Virgo is the Earth Mother ~ nurturer and healer to us all.


Under this blessed influence we all stand to gain…

blending faith and humility

a bold vision with work ethic

lofty ideals with service


And when Jupiter and the Lunar North Node fuse energies near the end of June we align with our evolutionary purpose. Perhaps between now and then, as we use the reflective retrograde season to our benefit, we will gain clarity in our orientation.


Choose love

The atrocity in Brussels yesterday occurred under interesting planetary stimulus. All energy requires a channel through which to flow; when we allow energy to become destructive instead of creative bad things happen. As human beings we are blessed with the freedom to choose, and as unique contributors to the whole we have an opportunity in each moment to take the high road, thus evolving the collective consciousness. Whether it be in thought or action, we are creating reality, so let’s aim high and choose love.

As the Libra Full Moon looms, the energy continues to build. Of particular note is the square between Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. These two players are facing off in a battle of belief systems. Where this energy remains conscious, we are supported in our own personal and collective rethink on philosophies to live by. We can access Virgoan critique, and Saturn’s wise pragmatism = change is possible. But when we allow the arrogance of low-road Jupiter and the fundamentalism of low-road Sagittarius to hijack these higher intentions, judgemental attitudes prevail. Add to this the crisis inherent in the Virgo archetype and the duty-bound dogma of low-road Saturn and there is potential for things to get messy.

Especially when Mars is in on it. High-road Mars in Sagittarius is the ultimate spiritual warrior, exercising restraint while fighting the good fight; advocating for freedom and our collective highest good. But when the low-road God of War saddles up his high horse there are no holds barred. The righteous indignation is palpable, polarising and on some level, justified.

Herein lies the danger: we become engaged with this (or any of the many other) hideous event and we get mad. We feel angry that this can happen. We confabulate and incite one another in work lunch-room discussions. With the headlines snaking across television screens worldwide, the fear-fuelled retelling of the tragedy is relentless. Personal accounts of victims’ pain and suffering cause us to become emotionally embroiled and our anxiety inevitably builds. With thoughts of a terror attack on home soil we feel impelled to blame and point our finger, and defend ourselves with vitriolic racism and more bombs. Us versus them.


Adding to the cosmic energy mix at play, despite their separating status, revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto continue to square each other. This long-haul aspect is one that effects serious change: its slow speed coupled with the planetary combination (Uranus = awakening via trauma and Pluto = profound paradoxical truth) have allowed it to reshape our individual and collective consciousness in recent years. It has been in effect since 2012 and while most astrologers seem to have moved onto more contemporary planetary aspects, perhaps we turned our backs too soon on this doozy of a transit!

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Aries at the time of the attacks is a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country thus “the man is perceived by others not as a unique individual but in terms of his collective identity and the cultural traditions that he represents” (Roche, 1998, p.33). This description takes on a sinister tone in the wake of these recent acts against humanity.

The keyword for this Sabian Symbol is exploitation. Diana E. Roche describes the negative implications: “Infamy as the result of portraying and perpetuating the worst stereotypes of a culture” (1998, p34). We can see how suicide bombers have been exploited by groups hell bent on an agenda that breeds fear, hatred and segregation. These people have been misled by false promises of celebrated martyrdom and eternal glory, and appallingly they have been convinced that god wants them to harm their fellows. The response of “our side” is no different, though we have better marketing.

War is not the answer. Violence begets violence. We must pray for victims on both sides of this gaping global wound, for the division is merely an illusion. We are all one, and these despicable deeds are not acts against enemies, but self harm. Our collective consciousness, for which we are all personally responsible, is surely at a tipping point? We must choose love, before it is too late.

Now i am going back to my meditation♥