Virgo New Moon

Thursday the 1st of September (5.05pm AWST) brings us the Virgo New Moon Eclipse. And such a special one this is: farewell to Jupiter as it transitions into Libra and beyond on its 12 year cycle through the zodiac. Let’s make use of the simple and practical inspiration of Virgo, unearthing the numinous potential in the small things.

The North Node~Moon~Sun conjunction in humble Virgo, in opposition to the South Node+Neptune in dreamy Pisces, and anchored into a T-square by the Mars~Saturn conjunction in spirited Sagittarius. Once again the vibes are highly mutable, so we do well to adopt a flexible and adaptable attitude, welcoming the changes that face us now, and prepared to release the past with grace and an effort to forgiveness and compassion.

Forgiveness is tricky. My experience tells me that it is both a process, as well as the positive result of a process. It comes not through the espousal of ideals that have more to do with who we want to be than who we really are. But, once we have grasped that those who’ve wronged us have done so in ignorance (that is, they haven’t come to know their Divine nature) and are embroiled in the egoic material world traps that kid us into believing we must compete and impose and manipulate and betray in order to advance, we sense true compassion. We create space for empathy in place of the burdensome grievance that keeps us bound in knots of anger, resentment and victim-thinking. For so long as we remain in the grips of a grudge-bearing mentality, there can be no room for forgiveness.


in order to come to a place of authentic forgiveness (which may be only partial, and is subject to demur and falter and recoil, often repeatedly, before strengthening and deepening), we need to allow ourselves time (within the dark chrysalis) to feel the betrayal and suffering. Not perpetual wallowing in self-pity but accepting and observing the feelings, emotions and sensations that emerge from the pain. Within this we will uncover golden wisdom and transformative truth that helps us to see that our perspective is not the only one, and that, were it not for the actions of the “perpetrator”, we could not’ve come to this moment of metamorphosis that frees us like a butterfly, and empowers us in its alchemy.

We’ve turned the offering of lead into pure gold

~ wisdom ~ strength ~ healing ~ power ~

We understand that none of us is perfect, and it is in our imperfections that we uncover the most liberating and transformative gifts of our lives, including forgiveness. There is only love when we recognise the universal predicament of our human frailty.

The ruler of the New Moon is the now-retrograde Mercury, conjoined with Jupiter at 28° Virgo. In our honouring of this coincident beginning and ending we now pause to consider the gifts offered by Jupiter’s 13-month (since August 2015) journey through Virgo. How have we expanded our sense of service? How have we learned to discriminate in order to better focus upon our mission? How have we healed? Where do we find potential for further development?

One of Virgo’s lessons is that of humility. We come to recognise our own fallibility. We allow it to be seen by others. We drop the performance and come to our knees as we recognise that it is in service we make our specialness sacred. As we forfeit our ego’s limited perceptions of success (personal gain, fame, fortune) we find something of lasting value…

Beautiful virginal painting spied somewhere in the Louvre

our contribution

our fulfilment

our gift

our legacy


~ our commonality is our blessed humanity

Leo New Moon

Lola with the Leo New Moon
Lola with her Leo New Moon

Wednesday the 3rd of August bears the gift of a New Moon in Leo… Regal, inclusive, generous, fun and warm, Leo contains our inner performance, the part of us that craves an adoring audience, applause, bouquets, standing ovations…

Low-road Leo evokes desperate neediness, relentless demands for appreciation and the royal treatment, and petulant poutiness and dramatic displays of dissatisfaction when these ceaseless expectations aren’t met.

But a high-road Leo energy is fabulous marvellous glorious, warm and encouraging like the Sun’s rays. Where we embrace the part of our psyche that gratefully accepts appreciation we each become a little more special. We are nurturing the small child within that might not have enjoyed the spoils of undivided parental adoration.

This New Moon is in square aspect to Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, trine Saturn in Sagittarius and quincunx the Neptune~South Node conjunction in Pisces.

Black Moon Lilith’s continuing journey through Scorpio is a reminder to us all of the dark feminine that dwells deep within our consciousness. So often this energy appears dormant, a latency that holds power and self-assuredness. When we are able to integrate this strength we become less needy, expressing ourselves without an inbuilt need for kudos and praise.

Saturn demands our integrity, a willingness to accept personal responsibility for our own consciousness and the ways in which we allow it to manifest. While Leo’s need to perform is valid, Saturn reminds us that we must aim to do so with dignity and poise. As the Moon is New we might re-commit to our self-expression in ways that honour our personal need for attention with mindful respect for others.

Within the Leo New Moon’s uneasy aspect to the Lunar South Node~Neptune conjunction we encounter an inner propensity to look back with nostalgic rose-tinted glasses. Whilst an ability to find gratitude, compassion and forgiveness in retrospect can be liberating, healing and transformational, we must be aware of the dangers of repetitive behaviours that damage us. The South Node describes a past that has hurt us, and our consciousness now benefits from awareness of low-road Piscean urges (escapism in all its forms).

As we greet the new Moon cycle we invite our Inner Child to revel in creative expression. Conjure a future that stirs your soul. Even if it is a mere daydream, a cloudy image in your mind’s eye, as the Moon renews this month indulge your joyful Self, grant yourself permission to imagine, play and create with abandon, just for fun…

Cancer the Crab New Moon

IMG_4350 The fourth of July heralds the New Moon in Cancer for 2016. Cancer the Crab is ruled by the Moon so it is always a special time ~ the extremes of winter (or summer) are upon us and we embrace all the joys and challenges of the season.

Cancer symbolises the Mother. We have all gestated within our mother’s womb, thus the mother is a strong archetype for each of us. She symbolises comfort home nurturing safety acceptance. The concept of the mother may not be met by our experience of being mothered, nor by our experience of being a mother. There are discrepancies between the fantasy and the reality. None of us is perfect. None of us were raised perfectly. The best we can hope for is more positive than negative memories (a la Disney animated film Inside Out) that result in patterns that support and encourage rather than inhibit and stymie our growth and happiness.

No matter how we have been mothered in our lives we are grown up now. We are responsible now for our own lives and our own feelings and the ways in which we manage these. Cancer teaches us self-containment. Cancer asks that we honour our feelings, to know the wisdom that they bring.

So we don’t hide within a spiky shell behind aggressively defensive pincers, stubbornly refusing to engage with the world lest our soft innards are exposed and injured. Equally we seek not to become overwhelmed by emotion ~ narcissistic nostalgia and a sentimentality that detracts from the deep knowing of feeling

Feeling as a living dynamic experience that can be accessed

in this moment alone

Our feelings differ to our emotions. An emotional response is an activated complex ~ an old patterned reaction to what is really a unique moment in time. Emotion holds meaning and important information too, but in a way that pertains to the past. We can use our emotions to better understand complexes and unconscious unprocessed stuff from our past.

Feelings are now, providing us with a new perception of our individual and dynamic experience of life as it evolves.

As we grow and develop through infancy childhood adolescence we build an understanding of life and our place in it primarily through our experience with family. Despite best efforts and intentions of our caregivers, none come through this process unscathed. To the extent that we have perceived an experience of disapproval or inferiority (or any number of other childhood encumbrances) we unconsciously seek to appease these uneasy emotions into our adult lives.

Sometimes we unwittingly place expectations on others to meet needs that are our responsibility. We are looking to be comforted by the archetypal mother. But as we look to the outside world, to our own mothers even, we will be disappointed. We need to learn to mother ourselves ~ to self-soothe, nurture our own vulnerability, heal the source of and transform our own pain.

Cancer the Crab is soft and sensitive beneath a protective exterior ~ highly attuned to the changes occurring all around ~ the shifts in energy ~ the moods and vibrations ~ and we each have an innate ability to access this subtle feeling-based reality. Far from indulgent wallowing in self-pity, the high-road Crab detects nuances and subtleties with a quiet perceptiveness that lends itself to empathy and wisdom.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus journeying through Cancer we can all practice becoming our own Inner Mother. Lovingly accept the feelings and emotions that emerge, offering space and gentle kindness to allow the deeper wisdom to follow, and follow it will. This New Moon harmonises with the Moon’s Nodal Axis involving Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, supporting our healing from the past and pursuit of a bright future. As we open ourselves up to the changing times, we are ourselves transforming and creating, a world that so needs the unconditional love of a mother.

Gemini New Moon

Twin telephones in Ross, Tasmania

In between two Sagittarian Full Moons, Sunday 11AM (AWST) we find ourselves at the Gemini New Moon for 2016. The Gemini~Sagittarius axis is about collating information and experience in order to formulate a meaningful perspective of life. Gemini is the inquisitive student ~ learning, thinking, listening, understanding, talking, debating ~ to make sense of the immediate environment Gemini assimilates vast stores of information… with the potential for TMI-overload a real possibility. Near-sightedness can limit Gemini to living above the neck ~ think think thinking…

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon~Sun~Venus in Gemini is two Dutch children talking ~ thus a mutual sharing of ideas and opinions ideally supports our growth as we learn new things and hear differing viewpoints. This can be particularly expansive when we feel instinctive resistance to an other’s expression of truth, but allow space to pause and consider before closing our minds~hearts~ears.

Mercury’s Sabian Symbol is interesting to note also, as Mercury rules Gemini and hence this New Moon. A finger pointing in an open book denotes rectification as we uncover new information that deepens our understanding, or corrects our misunderstanding. Guidance is implied by this symbol too, suggesting that a willingness to be receptive and open benefits us as we reorientate to go forward.

Gemini is symbolised by the twins ~ duality ~ our dual natures comprise complex and paradoxical aspects that mostly dwell in our unconscious…

feminine & masculine

light & shadow

duty & desire

heart & mind

within & without

good & evil

divine & earthly

life & death

So often, we find ourselves “in two minds” about something, torn between conflicting perspectives: part of us wants this, and the other part wants that, and we are genuine in our confusion and polarity. Can we find ways to balance the needs of different aspects of our psyche? Must we always choose black or white, disappointing one half of who we are? Or can we learn to love grey ~ blending our inconsistencies? Can we create a third option?

The evolutionary path asks that we immerse ourselves in duality, for it is our knowledge that we are separated from the source that allows our consciousness to grow. Were humanity to have remained “at one” with our surroundings, our evolution would be limited to that of the animal kingdom. The innate wisdom of our fellow creatures is great, more often seemingly greater than our own, because they are aligned with all that is. Our challenge however, is distinct: to return to oneness we must journey through the fires of polarity ~ fully engaged in human experience.

This Gemini New Moon occurs in conjunction with Venus, and as part of a Grand Mutable Cross… Jupiter in Virgo ~ Saturn in Sagittarius ~ Neptune in Pisces. Too, the Grand Earth Trine remains and offers some groundedness to the cosmic vibes. Thus we are blessed with adaptability and discipline, discernment and vision. Our Venusian muse can inspire us in setting intent that recognises our polar nature, allows for our contradictoriness, loves us because we are conflicted and confused.

Versatility, resilience and flexibility are key to successfully navigating the astroscape of the coming weeks ~ cultivate the adaptability of the shapeshifting Mutable signs ~ welcome change ♥

“God help us to change. To change ourselves and to change the world. To know the need for it. To deal with the pain of it. To feel the joy of it. To undertake the journey without understanding the destination. The art of gentle revolution. Amen” Michael Leunig

Taurus New Moon

Saturday the 7th of May 3.31am (AWST) brings us the annual Taurus New Moon. Balance is key to life, and so to astrology. The sign opposite Taurus is complex and emotional Scorpio. The Scorpio Full Moon of two weeks ago (when we lost Prince), along with the stationing retrograde of Pluto, bestowed real depth on the cosmic vibe. We were reminded of our inherent connectedness to others, and of the limits imposed on our human condition.

Now the energies balance somewhat as Mercury, Venus, Vesta and the Sun convene in Taurus, and the New Moon draws our attention here. Taurus: the sign of self-sufficiency. Simplicity. Peace. Sensuousness. A reliability that is comforting. No need to push for change, or move quickly. Relax. Breathe. Be here now. Like Ferdinand the Bull, taking time to sit quietly and smell the flowers.

Fountain in Nice, France
Fountain in Nice, France

Low-road Taurus can be stubborn and unyielding, but the Bull’s ponderousness is not always a weakness. Mindfulness, care and consideration require us to slow down. Stillness should not be mistaken for laziness: in silence~solitude~stillness we find peace and fulfilment that cannot be accessed any other way.

As an Earth sign, Taurus is practical and linked not only to money and material possessions, but also to skills as resources. All of these contribute to our sense of security and survival as well as our self-worth and confidence. The acquisition of skills requires effort, patience and practice = Taurus in action.

Finally, tapping into Taurus means we learn to heed the wisdom of our bodies. The body is a physical link to the divine and its ailments and impediments contain messages direct from the Source. A little loving attention can reveal the message within our somatic concerns, whatever they may be. There is always something we can gain from an apparently negative health situation.

My own story: about a decade ago I sought professional opinion for my chronic goitre. I immersed myself in the biomedical model’s diagnostic process and after many tests, doctors appointments and sleepless nights I was informed that my thyroid nodules may be cancerous and advised to have my thyroid gland removed. The throat (including the thyroid gland) is ruled by Taurus and my wise father is a Taurean. He encouraged me to investigate my enlarged thyroid from a more mystical and anthroposophical perspective. Rather than allowing fear to get the better of me (a brush with my own mortality) and consenting to the surgical removal of a gland that is yet to be fully understood, I followed my dad’s advice.

To cut the long story of an arduous, sometimes frightening, process short, I no longer have a goitre. But I still have my thyroid gland and I have found my voice. The sadness and self-loathing that once plagued me now exist only in my memory. These emotions that surfaced as part of exploring the deeper meaning of this “lump in my throat” pointed me towards conscious transformation of an unprocessed and unintegrated past. So even though I didn’t understand any of this at the time, attempts made to interpret my body’s messages led me on a journey of healing and metamorphosis. And this journey~process continues… I pray that it will for a long time. If it weren’t for my big fat neck, perhaps I’d’ve never awakened.

My intention in sharing this story is not to advocate that we should shun modern medicine. As a trained theatre nurse I understand and appreciate that there is a time and a place for surgery. I am not saying that making this choice was easy, or that it would be right for everyone. I share my story to make the point that our bodies have wisdom to share, and if we “hear” the messages we will benefit in ways that we cannot imagine. I believe each body possesses the capacity to heal itself, given the right circumstances. Foundational to these circumstances is openness. Resistance to the condition of the body exacerbates any and all problems, and creates further blockages.

This New Moon is Earthy ~ a Grand Earth Trine that involves the aforementioned planets in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter and the Lunar North Node in Virgo ~ so all pursuits that ground us are valuable now. Connecting with our Earth Mother in nature trumps! The energy supports intentions set that are grounded in reality and being built upon strong foundations. We can certainly dream big (thanks Jupiter~North Node!) but there needs to be effort, determination, pragmatism, discipline, integrity and responsibility at the heart of our aspirations.

Happy Taurus New Moon

Aries New Moon

DSCF7480The approaching Aries New Moon occurs on Thursday 7th of April, at 6.25pm (AWST). Aries, like the sheep that symbolises it, is sometimes under-appreciated, sold short or dumbed down. Truly, it is the pure raw vitality of the Ram that catalyses our human experience. We are propelled into consciousness by Aries’ primal urge to be. We have become a self, suddenly aware that we are alive. Bravely stepping up, into the breach…

Courageous. Pioneering. Adventurous. Independent. Creative.

Aries is the sign of the subjective me ~ the Self. As we grow from infancy, through childhood and puberty, and into hopefully evolving adults we create an identity. We learn about ourselves along the way, collating experiences and knowledge to better understand and define who we are. This experience, like all human experiences as represented by the 12 signs of the zodiac, has inherent limits. Beyond the Self there is much to explore, but without the Self there is no-one who would bother to explore it.

The archetypal warrior lives within each of us, and when we feel compelled to fight for something that resonates deep within our psyche, or to defend ourselves or another against wrongdoing, it is upon our innate Aries power that we must draw. To take right action, we must be clear and courageous. Courage is not the absence of fear, but showing up despite the fear. If we run~hide, we miss an opportunity to cultivate courage.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” Anaïs Nin

This New Moon occurs in conjunction with Uranus, the great awakener! Like a bolt from the blue, shock insights and sudden realisations transpire under Uranian influence. Uranus can also act as the link from our past to our future: the part of our soul that knows everything that has ever, or will ever happen! Cultural historian Richard Tarnas linked Uranus to mythological Greek Titan Prometheus who, after fashioning prototype humans out of clay, bestowed us with fiery creative power, as opposed to animal instincts.

Uranus in Aries (until March 2019) wants us to channel our uniqueness in order that we may self-actualise, Maslow styles. Turn pro. We are now cosmically supported in conscious development of the me~you that we want to be! The lead up to the Aries New Moon is an opportune time to muse upon our goals for individuation over the next three years. An exploration of your natal chart can discern how this is best approached. And as the Aries New Moon occurs we set courageous intent.

The New Moon~Sun~Uranus in Aries conjunction is also in harmonious aspect to lunation ruler Mars, thus granting us the gumption we need to set the goals that demand we aim for high road Aries. Be not the sheep who follow blindly, but the Ram who blazes a trail! Do not allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes, relinquishing our will and ambition to the herd (or is it flock?) mentality that rewards us with nothing more than safety, in numbers. Be brave, clench fists

Pisces New Moon

IMG_2693The annual Pisces New Moon (Wednesday 9th March, 9.55am AWST) brings us this years only total solar eclipse. The subtle Pisces energy has been building in recent weeks: the Luminaries (Sun&Moon) have joined landlord Neptune and long-term tenant Chiron, while Mercury (planet of perception~thought~communication) crashes on the couch for a little over a fortnight. The Moon’s South Node too is aligned to this house party. Mercury’s arrival on Saturday now allows for us to cognitively access the spiritual growth ushered in by slow mover Neptune. And as Chiron remains fused with the South Node of the Moon, our past and the wounds we have sustained can now become the growth medium that allows for healing and transformation.

The Pisces Virgo axis symbolises the guru~disciple relationship: the handing down of wisdom from generation to generation. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a master instructing his pupil” and so we are reminded to open our minds; to listen and learn. We are warned against arrogance. And of course we can relate. We’ve all been students, novices, apprentices. We know there are times in life when we must bow humbly before a mentor and accept our shortcomings in order to benefit.

My spiritual teacher recently urged: “be the disciple to your own experience”. Rather than accepting the word of another as gospel, we must recover our own truth. Instead of putting all our faith in ideas that were foisted upon us in our tender years, or allowing our ego to singlehandedly navigate our path through life, perhaps we should tap into our own innate wisdom.

We know our truth. We can feel it.

When we are still and receptive we can sense something…

the tiniest little voice

the subtlest vibration

the faintest vision

Life is busy, full of myriad distractions. Spare moments are few and filled with Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…

We can let low-road Pisces delude us with fantasy escape and illusion.
But if we can grant ourselves a moment of quiet. A few breaths. Some solitude. Magic happens…

We nourish our connection and it grows. Like reinforcing brain pathways: practice makes perfect.

This is the true gift of Pisces: the fishes immersed in the ocean of pure consciousness. When we dive into the realm of mysticism dreams and mystery we are embarking on a journey into the unknown. There are treasures to be found that urge us onward~inward. While they might appear to lack value in a monetary cents or in terms of “the real world” they support an unending expansion of our inner life that nourishes our soul. We are charting a course through unmarked territory en route to our own unique divine destiny.

We find that as long as our search for meaning takes place in the material world we are lost. Home couldn’t be closer. And it’ll be there whenever we are ready to return.